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Final Post

This has been coming for some time; since Dreamwidth became a reality, honestly.

There aren't really people here that I am not following on DW or LJ; at least not people who are posting here. That being said, I'll stick around for the current round of [info]no_true_pair, and then I think I'm done with IJ pretty much forever.

The fic will stay; the journal will stay. If you want to find me on Dreamwidth, I'm at Lassarina; and by the same name on LJ.

Drop me a line if I don't have your DW or LJ contact info and you want me to have it.

And thanks for the fun in the last couple years, y'all. :)

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Goals goals goals

So, I did a little better on goals in April than I had done in March.

I didn't write 3500 words per week, not by a long shot, but after I took requests at the end of the month I did start actually writing, so that was pretty awesome. (I'm still working on those requests, by the way; it's just slow going.) Which means I'm still behind on my goal of writing 200,000 in the year, but I'll get there. *determined face*

Since I didn't post any fic, it wasn't a question of whether it also got to my ficjournal.

I started working out again about halfway through the month, which was great. I'm not back up to 5 times a week, yet, but I've managed 3 pretty consistently. Going for walks instead of driving somewhere helps a lot with that!

I don't think I managed to try anything totally new in April, so that was unfortunate, but I did get some things done on time for once, thus handling the reduce-procrastination goal.

And I did make progress on paying down debts, though of course not as much as I'd have liked.

I definitely did not beat more games than I bought - I picked up a total of 5, and only beat 1 (Digital Devil Saga.) Oops. Oh well.


So, much better than March, overall! And now that it is spring again, I seem to be facing things far more cheerily. There are tulips and they are blooming. And there is sunlight and it's over 60 degrees consistently. happy cat, I say.

I spent about 3 hours today importing a pile of fics into my DW fic comm; I'm now 25% through the total number of posts on [info]athyn and hopefully I can finish all of those off this week. Tedious work, though.

And now, I am off to play some FFTA2, which I would beat much faster if I were not addicted to sidequests.

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Well, oops.

Well, I have managed to die Game 9 in Dead City. Fucking Flaws I took for backstory reasons that I didn't even get any points for. XD It's okay, though, because Mike and I came up with a concept that would never ever be permitted if we hadn't died halfway through game 9. Lasombra powerhouses who are also twins who are lovers. [info]night_eidolon informed me that she wasn't sure if she should applaud us, or vomit. Therefore, I consider the concept a rousing success. And we will be set for Easter Game forever. *evilgrin*

That aside, it's been a good weekend. It was glorious outside today, so we took a half-hour walk to Ted's Montana Grill, this place that serves bison. They also have onion rings to die for. The bison meatloaf is fabulous. And they have delicious chocolate-chip cookies.

We walked back to Mike's place, and I played some more of Final Fantasy XII for him. We have just left Bhujerba and are on our way to the Ogir-Yensa. I--there was a bit, in Leviathan, where I just gawked at Vossler and died by irony cudgel. Mike correctly interpreted my squeaking, so he has guessed at least part of what lies ahead (by which I mean Shiva) but we are having a grand time.

I've been advancing madly in FF Tactics Advance 2 also; I've cleared "Making Music" and omfg bards rule, so much more than they did in Tactics: War of the Lions. 158 missions cleared and still having fun, so that's good! However my clan is mostly full; I can handle one more member but any more than that and there wouldn't be room for [insert four hidden characters here.] The rest of the clan is filled out with three Viera, three Bangaa (counting Cid), two Nu Mou, two moogles, one seeq, two Gria, and 5 humes.

blah blah stats go here )

Having two of the Ninja sword that teaches you Dual-Wield, btw? ACE. Also great for mastering Fighter in an eyeblink.

And now, I am off to read the reading pages, and then either go to sleep (sensible) or play FFTA2 some more (not sensible but more likely)

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Icon meme

I asked [info]celeloriel to choose 5 of my icons, and she gave me these.

The Rules:
1. Reply to this post with 'Icons!', and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will - allegedly - create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Cel picked these five. icons! )

Haha, teal deer.

Alright, off to read the Internets.

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So, 0tp prompts!

This round is the "kink" round; I've italicized the prompts that I just find hilarious, and bolded the ones that I am probably/definitely doing. not worksafe for kink listings.

0tp prompts )

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*twitching violently*

So, I got my 0tp prompts today. I like a lot of them and some of them are just hilarity-inducing; I'll post them up later (not appropriate for posting from work.)

However. There is a Kain/Ashe prompt. And while it is flowing very nicely, it is also CREEPING ME OUT.

Apparently BrokenWings!Kain has decided to show up for this one, too.

*squirms, not in a fun way*

Snippet; spoilers for FF12 through Leviathan )

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Thanks, I think...

The good news: The Persona 3 muses want to play. In fact, Mitsuru won't shut up. (600 words and counting.)

The bad news: Uh, Mitsuru, these aren't drabbles we're writing here. In fact, the current one threatens to become an actual fic.

Net Result: .....words words words? *meeps*

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I feel accomplishful.

I managed about 660 words of Every Light, and about 225 of a Persona 3 ficbit. I'm not sure I like either of them, really; both feel forced, stilted, and clichéd, but hey, they're words. I can always fix them later.

I'm debating whether I really want to finish all 300 missions in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2; on the one hand, my internal completionist is shrieking in dismay at the idea that I might not complete everything, but on the other, alsdkfjalsdkfj do not want to waste time catching Chocobos for the stupid Rancher requests. I think I might just clear the game and beat everything that looks interesting, and then move on.

Sleep time now. More writing tomorrow, I hope.

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Just another Sunday night

It's been a reasonably productive weekend. I started a game of Final Fantasy XII Friday night so that Mike could watch all the plots, which has been going well so far. I'm in Bhujerba, and abusing the Shunia Twinspan in the Lhusu Mines for all it is worth. (I saved the levelgrinding to do when he was not here. It sure made some of the boss fights, uh, entertaining, given that I've been racing breakneck through the plot until now.) [info]laylah piqued my interest in Last Remnant on Friday with fic things that I bookmarked for later, and so I'm thinking I might start that up. Maybe not tonight. Maybe I'll work on FFTA2 tonight. (the latter is less likely to make the cat try to use me as a chew toy, anyway.)

DCP last night was fun; we did a very Lovecraftian Easter Game, where most of the eggs gave us derangements for using them. I tried to diablerize Emery, and succeeded, but because of a quirk of an egg that I had, we ended up sharing my body. So we walked around together all night, held internal arguments about what we were going to do, and generally had a grand time. My first character lived until 9:30 (Puissance + Black Met = never having to say I'm sorry, or really say much of anything other than "Give me that or die"), and at that point I figured it wasn't really worth getting back in, so I read until the end of game and then headed out to Chili's as per usual.

Today has been fairly quiet; I've done my grocery shopping, and not much else. I've spent the last few hours alternating between boring chores: importing my fic to the closed comm I made on Dreamwidth (trust me, you don't want to subscribe to it yet, you'll just get flooded with 150+ fic posts of old stuff) and sort of breaking the cross-poster in the process, and also grinding for loot and levels in the Shunia Twinspan. I am bored now of things that should be fun being a chore, so I'm going to go find something more fun to do instead. :D

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This is shanaqui's fault completely. It is.

I really kind of want to write Heat/Mitsuru.


but it would be awesome


maybe after the Seifer/Kain up against a wall and snarling at each other

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testing out this-here crossposter widget thing

by which I mean, playing with shiny new toys.

I am starting to feel vaguely creative again. This is awesome. Accordingly, I went hunting for DDS, P3, and P4 icons, with much delight.

I also got to have dinner with uncle_hyena and that was delicious and fun. Many discussions were had! Good shinies.

Now, I am very tired, and my mango tea has had the intended effect of also making me sleepy. Maybe I'll actually sleep enough for once tonight? *toddles off with cat*

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I declare shenanigans on this weather business.

The forecast is calling for snow. SNOW. In April. It is very nearly May, in fact. I declare shenanigans. (Especially since they also claim it will be 80 on Friday!)

Other than that, I am a giant nerd. I have set up a Final Fantasy Archive comm on Dreamwidth, to give FF fandom a place to start off at. (omg, guys, BUNDLED TAGS. BUNDLED TAGS. My squeaking, it is EPIC EPIC EPIC.)

I kind of hit a wall in DDS2 yesterday - the Jailer gig.

An Open Letter to All Game Companies

Dear Game Companies,

Look, I'm sure that you thought that putting a random ninja stealth and/or action level in the middle of your turn-based RPG was a fantastic idea. I'm sure it seemed absolutely wonderful at the time.

However. If I want to play Splinter Cell, I will go buy Splinter Cell. If I want to play Metal Gear Solid, then I will go buy MGS. I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY THESE THINGS. Please stop making me do so just to have pretty shiny plots. Please, please, please. Please.


*coughs* That being said, DDS2 is rather epically on my shit list until I am better able to deal with that kind of b.s. In the meantime, I'm focusing on FFTA2, which I am just...really loving. Raptors. Raptors are awesome. ♥ And I have a mastered Elementalist who's just turned herself into a summoner. And I have the katana for dual wield. HELL YEAH.

Oh, and incidentally, here's something of interest to [info]herod_the_nut and [info]oberndorf - the Lions think that a new, fiercer kittycat will help them overcome that little problem where they suck. Good luck with that, y'all. Why don't you hire some players to go with your graphic designers? (Actually, at this point, the graphic designers might be better on the field than the players....)

*ahem* Okay, I'm done being snarky. Mostly. A little. ....bwahahahaha.

Anyway, off to bed - Exalted tomorrow!

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Why am I awake


it is 2:20 in the morning

I must be up for work tomorrow


*headdesks repeatedly*

okay. Sorry. Going to go try to sleep again. Just. Frustrated. Rar.

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So hey.

Is there anyone actually reading here who does not read/post or plan to read/post either on LJ or DW? Basically, is there any point to me keeping this place open after open beta?

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Okay, triple crossposting starts now...

The weather today is incredibly disappointing. But that's another matter.

It's been a good weekend so far. I accomplished fairly little this week apart from an epically awesome session of Exalted on Thursday (and really that wasn't me so much as Kevin running a fantastic game, but I had a grand time. I'll try and assemble my notes sometime this week to talk about it, because that game has been hardcore awesome sauce.) I'm 85 missions into Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, and I'm enjoying it far, far more than I enjoyed FFTA. The laws are much less obnoxious and the characters are more endearing to me. Also, I have a Juggler. He has Ring Toss and Dagger Toss. If I can just get Smile Toss it will be perfect and he can go back to being a Mog Knight of awesome.

Friday night, we had people over - [info]teki, [info]sabrielrose, [info]calhin, [info]wrenbow, and [info]bobbler - because Mike had a bunch of liquor he'd acquired in Japan (to the tune of 2 bottles of sake and a bottle of shochu) that he wanted people to help him drink. We picked up a party tray of sushi, and he made a vegetable stir-fry and some broiled salmon and a salad. There was also strawberry cheesecake. We introduced everyone to Torchwood, which I am still squeeful about - we watched "Random Shoes" this morning and oh, so sad. :(

Saturday we woke up early and headed over to a local pancake house for breakfast - it was an absolutely glorious day, sunny, and 75 or so, and breakfast was wonderful - mine was a skillet of hash browns, ham, mushrooms, and Monterey Jack cheese topped with two eggs over-medium, and it was amazing. I only managed to eat half and took the rest home.

As we were walking back, we passed the Catholic church in town just at noon, and their bells were playing first "Jesus Christ Has Risen Today" and then "Onward, Christian Soldiers," neither of which I have sung since eighth grade but both of which I promptly remembered the words for. XD We curled up on the couch while Mike played some Dead Rising (p.s. DO NOT WANT the psychopath fight with the cop lady; I had to leave the room because it was very much not okay.) Then we curled up and had a nap, and then there was DCP.

DCP was crazyawesomefun; [info]herod_the_nut more or less single-handedly resolved my plot and my ST Special flaws, and then I made the best use of University influence ever, and then there was a combat. In which everyone got 2 agg. But it was worth it. Improvised weaponry is the best kind.

We got up relatively early this morning and reheated yesterday's breakfast leftovers, which were just as delicious the second time around, and watched a bit of Torchwood and played some Rock Band. We finally cleared all the Seattle gigs, which is exciting.

Now I am debating what to do with the rest of my Sunday; I really should be writing, because I haven't done that at all this week, but I also kind of want to try to progress in Digital Devil Saga 2, mostly because I know that I really want to re-play Skies of Arcadia Legends, which is [info]intorporeal's fault completely, and I'm not letting myself re-play games until I've beaten at least 3 new ones. So, DDS it might be. Maybe I'll be less irritated at the Hekatonkhire boss this time.

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I'm [info]lassarina over there, too. Thank you ever, ever so much to [info]sister_coyote for the invite!

(This is all so exciting!)

I'm not leaving LJ/IJ completely, I promise. There are still communities I participate in, people I want to talk to, etc. What I will probably do is continue what I've been doing with LJ/IJ, and just crosspost.

Eeeeee, this is so EXCITING!

By the way, since I'm curious, a poll. (As a point of clarification, "cross-linking" in the below means that, say, when I post fic to my ficjournal, I also put a link to the fic in my personal journal.)

Poll #3551 Fic Locations
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

When following a fanfic author, which of these setups do you prefer MOST?

View Answers

Separate journals/communities for personal things and fic, no cross-linking
0 (0.0%)

Separate journals for personal things and fic, cross-linked
0 (0.0%)

A single journal in which personal things and fic are both available (sorted by tags or links)
1 (25.0%)

I don't care as long as I can find the fic
3 (75.0%)

Assuming you cannot have your first choice from Question #1, what is your second choice?

View Answers

Separate journals/communities for personal things and fic, no cross-linking
1 (25.0%)

Separate journals for personal things and fic, cross-linked
1 (25.0%)

A single journal in which personal things and fic are both available (sorted by tags or links)
1 (25.0%)

I don't care as long as I can find the fic
1 (25.0%)

And most importantly....

View Answers

2 (50.0%)

It's very rare to see a wild tickybox like this.
4 (100.0%)

Tickyboxes are antiquated, decadent, and overrated
1 (25.0%)

boom de yada
2 (50.0%)

Give me tickies or give me death!
2 (50.0%)

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ahhhhh, lazy weekends

Lazy weekends are the best.

I got the curtains hemmed and Mike helped me hang them last night, and they are really really effective. As a result, I slept in a bit too late this morning. However, the first time I woke up, I was snuggled against my boyfriend and the cat had taken it upon himself to snuggle right against my back, so I was trapped. By snuggles. What a fabulous way to wake up.

I dozed offagain, and Mike got up and went to do stuff. Then the phone rang at 10:30 and I went flailing out of bed and racing for the receiver. It could only be either a charity or my mother, and given the time, I bet the latter. So I pick up the receiver and hear my mother singing, "Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail! Hoppity Hoppity Hoppity Hoppity Easter Day is here!" and I'm just like "....Hi, Mom."


It's been a really productive weekend overall - I did laundry, picked up my room a bit, completely cleaned the common room and the kitchen and bathroom (okay, I have to wash towels, whatever.) I threw out a few boxes' worth of stuff, so my living room is abruptly less cluttered. I also re-arranged the gaming bookshelf so that the books for games I am currently playing or running or planning to play/run (i.e. Scion, Vampire: the Requiem, Changeling: the Lost, Exalted 2nd Edition, and Demon: the Fallen) are all on the eye-level shelf. Exalted first edition lost shelf space, because with so many books out for 2E I don't really need the 1E books as reference anymore.

My apartment is so clean and nice. omg. Now if I can just keep it this way.

[info]spreadnparanoia and Kevin came over tonight and we watched Fullmetal Alchemist. We're halfway through the first season - well, halfway plus 5 episodes, whatever that works out to be - and holy crap it is so intense. Also I blame fandom by which I mean [info]laylah for the fact that I am fangirl-squeeing at Kimblee. GIMME. NOW.

I've also been watching Torchwood first series with the boy (thank you, [info]pooka_madness, for the suggestion!) It's really intense, and as a result we can really only watch one episode at a time, and then we have to go do something else. We're done through episode 7 now. I basically ship everyone/everyone like burning except that I can't quite picture Gwen/Ianto but that might just need some more time.

Spoiler cut! - Torchwood )

In other watching news I think I am picking up more of Babylon 5 on Tuesday, probably - we saw the two Talia episodes in season 2 and oh my God "Soul Mates" almost killed me laughing. I ♥ Londo's wives.

Alright. Done babbling about TV now. (note to self: remember to start watching Fringe again.) And now I am going to sleep.

p.s. note to self 2.0: Get Jack icon. ♥

p.p.s. note to self 3.0: Run Scion campaign based around Torchwood, only actually do it this time, and don't let it fall by the wayside like the Technocracy campaign you had planned around Alias. ♥ ♥

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should not be permitted near machinery. Or craft stores.

I managed to only buy the things I was at Jo-Ann for (three spools of thread, in three different colours, which I will BARELY USE ANY OF - one to hem the curtains, one to fix the rip in the green sheets, and one to fix the rip in the blue sheets). This is probably largely due to the fact that they did not have any pre-printed/pre-packaged kits of cross-stitch or canvas-stitch things for me to buy. I am telling myself, very firmly, that I am not at all disappointed. Really.

(I still have like 6 such projects to finish. I am not disappointed. I'm not.)

So now I am finishing the morning's LJ read, and then I am going to go finish pinning the curtains so I can sew them. Sulk, sulk, sulk. Pinning is the most annoying part of sewing, to me, because it's finicky. Running fabric through a machine? Awesome. Simple. DONE. Pinning? alsdkfjlaskjd why am I doing this aaaaargh.

Oh well. It will be worth it tomorrow when I actually get enough sleep because the curtains kept out the OMG SUNLIGHT (I am totally a vampire.)

Okay. Enough now.

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have just discovered that I can delete "empty" games off my gamer history! this is awesome! This means Mass Effect will no longer taunt me with my 0 achievements! ACE.

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ahhhh how is it 3 already?!

I don't know where my day went >_>; Actually I do; I slept too late. I got up around 10:30, and then did my usual morning Internets check, and then I went to JC Penney, where I acquired curtains. I have to hack them off and hem them (I deliberately did not get the weirdly folded kind) because otherwise I'd have to wait till May 10 for them to be ordered, and I really would like to get them up before then. So. Sewing machine gets a workout!

I grabbed lunch at Panera, and then hit the grocery store. My apartment is about....ten percent tidied, it wants some more picking up and a dusting before I vacuum it, and then I can get started on the sewing, after I work out.

My head hurts like crazy. I kind of want to go lie down a bit, but then I'm pretty sure I won't sleep well tonight. Ugh.

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